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How to Choose a Perfect Wedding Bouquet

The wedding day is one of the most important events in the life of any girl, which means every detail should be thought over. A dress, makeup and hairstyle are as important as flowers, wedding bouquet and other decorations. The bouquet carried down the aisle is exceptionally important and should suit every detail of the wedding. So, every little thing matters and should be chosen in accordance to the general atmosphere and style of the whole wedding, as well as individual preferences of the bride and groom.

Planning a big day, you will face many challenges and complicated tasks. You will need to choose everything, starting from the wedding location and up to flower arrangements. Generally, these are traditional complications that appear on the way, but opting for a wedding bouquet can be even more difficult.

Being an integral part of the wedding, bouquet plays a significant role and adds some brightness, colour, and memory. A properly selected bouquet can bring the overall picture together, providing a beautiful view and pleasant smells. Besides, it is a representation of the bride’s character and taste, so be careful when selecting the one to your liking. Do a little research to find a reliable florist or a person, who will give you valuable advice on how to make your wedding bouquet unique and stylish.

Top 8 Tips to Get a Unique Bouquet for Your Wedding

If you don’t have much time to search for information, you can find it all here. Read the article to get the most effective and helpful recommendations that will give you a complete understanding of what the wedding bouquet is like and how it should look. Striving to select a quality, good-looking and modern bride’s bouquet, you need to follow key rules and recommendations:

  1. Buy a wedding dress first. Why do you need to select the dress first? The bouquet will serve a final accord in your look, so you need to do everything consistently starting with more important tasks. A properly selected bride’s bouquet is aimed at accentuating the dress, its style, shape and other details, so wait until you are ready with the wedding dress choice. Balance on the details of your wedding dress and bouquet for them to supplement one another.
  2. Find a professional florist. There are many experts in Aberdeen and other areas, so finding an experienced florist should not be a problem. It is better to deal with a master, who has a high experience rate and positive feedback from previous customers. This is the only way to get quality and stylish wedding decorations. Show your florist the picture of your wedding dress, so that he/she could imagine and see a full picture of the necessary décor and style.
  3. Think about the suitable shape and size of the bouquet. If you have a beautiful dress, you will not want it to be outshone by the bouquet. Thus, the balance is important.  Do not trail the bouquet if embroidery or similar details of the skirt are so important. However, if the train is long, a big bouquet will be the best choice. Following the recommendations of qualified experts, wedding flowers should not be wider than the bride’s waist.
  4. Comfort matters. Considering the overall view and level of showiness, brides frequently forget about the need to hold the bouquet throughout the day. Heavy and cumbersome bouquets will change your posture and can make you look worse. Try several options before opting for a single one. Compare the allure and comfort to make a proper choice.
  5. Consider the wedding photos. Why do you need a wedding bouquet? It has several functions with one of the most important ones being an item of décor. So, considering the pictures you will be taking, you need to mind flowers, too. Add some succulents, foliage or other materials to contribute to softness and brightness of your photos.
  6. Make sure the desired flowers are available during the season. Browse the Internet or contact your florist to check whether the flowers you want to add to the bouquet are available at the time of your wedding. It may be risky to select delicate flowers for cold season or opt for rare species. Instead, you’d better choose dependable and appreciated seasonal flowers that will add to your exclusive wedding look.
  7. Stay original and use an individual approach. Family brooch or antique lace hanky can contribute to personalization of your wedding bouquet adding some emotional and spiritual value to it. Discuss the issue with your florist and find exclusive ideas how to combine popular items and make it creative.
  8. Expand the boundaries. Be brave and decisive to change some traditions and spice up your wedding look with innovative details. Be original when choosing flowers and try something new and risky, for example, adding kale, apple or pomegranate to the bouquet.

Use effective tips and recommendations to ensure 100% uniqueness of your big day.

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