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Top 10 London Gardens to Visit

It is a well-known fact that London is one of the most attractive and greenest cities in the whole world. Considering the UK, together with Aberdeen and several other locations, it is the most picturesque place, interesting for real connoisseurs.

As one of the top greenest cities around the world, London is a home for dozens of gardens and parks, where you can hide from the everyday routine and busy life in the capital. Regents and Hyde Park have gained the world appreciation and popularity, so every visitor, who comes to London, cannot leave without spending some time in one of the parks. Unfortunately, a great range of the same attractive, but less known gardens and green areas remain unknown.


Most Popular Choices

  1. Kew Gardens. One of the largest gardens is located on 320 acres and houses over 30 thousand species of various living plants. It is a world known botanic garden appreciated by both nature lovers and those, who need a special gem to relax and enjoy the nature. This spot in London is a perfect place to forget about routine and immerse into a beautiful world of flowery wilderness. The garden is also ideal for families with children since it offers many attractions for young visitors as well. Great installations will add to the overall impression.
  2. Isabella plantation. The largest green area in London known as Richmond Park has many locations and places to discover, with Isabella plantation being an undeniable leader. You will have to walk for a while from the station, but the result will be worth the effort. The park is a colourful spot, known for the azaleas, which line the streams and ponds.
  3. Phoenix garden. The community garden is located behind the Phoenix Theatre in St.Giles and serves a serene space that is excellent for relaxation and enjoying the moment. The top location sits between the hubs of Covent and Soho Garden. A beautiful area has recently been reconstructed and is currently available at its finest. Phoenix garden is the best spot for quick photos by the way, so it can serve an excellent location for a wedding photo shoot or other events.
  4. St. Dunstan in the East. Even though the area cannot be classified as a garden, it is a truly green and flowery place, which is cool for relaxation, walking and meditating. Originally, there was an old building of a parish church on the territory, which was greatly damaged during the time of the Great Fire of London. Later, the building was patched up just to be completely destroyed in the Blitz. As a result, the city gained another public garden. Some visitors consider it to be a bit spooky, but it is also beautiful and ultimately picturesque.
  5. Mount street garden. Being a secret garden, the place was a favourite spot of Winston Churchill and General Eisenhower at a time. The unique climate of the garden allows palm trees to grow there. Some people call it tropical. Despite the area served a parish workhouse many years ago, currently, it is an amazing location.
  6. Chelsea physic garden. Even though the size is not the strong point of the garden, it is a totally beneficial place. The oldest botanic garden was established in 1673. Originally, the idea of the garden was to explore the environmental, medicinal and economic value of plants. Nowadays, people choose the area as a lovely place to spend some time.
  7. Holland Park. Also known as Koyoto Japanese Garden, it is one of the hidden parks with only a small number of people being aware of it. Nevertheless, the Japanese garden remains an exclusive place with Japanese store lanterns, tiered waterfalls and diverse fish types. The area is definitely beautiful for any reason.
  8. Fulham palace garden. If the garden was not located in London, it would have been a ‘must see’ place. The palace garden may not be the biggest in size, but it remains a perfect spot to immerse in the atmosphere of flowery beauty and wonderland.
  9. Richmond Hill. It is undeniably one of the most favourite locations, which is appreciated for its sunny days and beautiful evenings. Richmond Hill is the top location to enjoy a sunset drink. Despite London is full of office blocks and tubes, there is still an opportunity to catch the sunset in an awesome green spot.
  10. Hampstead pergola and hill gardens. Referred to as a secret garden, it is a real treasure for those, who have found its location. Dating back to 1904, the gem currently features a complete tranquility. This is a fantastic spot to enjoy nature and see all the beautiful views of London. Take the moment to admire the eye-catching landscapes of the beloved city. Hampstead is a favorite spot for people of different age categories, which means everyone will find something to his/her taste.

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