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Most Popular Summer Flowers for the Garden and Bouquets

When you own a garden, you definitely want it to look nice throughout the year. While green plants can decorate it in winter, flowers and their beautiful smell can please you during warm seasons. So, it is necessary to consider summer growing season in winter. Check the list of the most popular and well-known flowers, select the ones that can be grown in Aberdeen, choose the ones you like the most and make your flowerbed beautiful.

Ways to Opt for the Best Garden or Bouquet Flowers

Perhaps, one of the most important functions of flowers is to look good to the eye. People spend much time and money to create a unique design and attractive look of their flowerbeds. Some of them even hire experienced and specially trained landscape designers to consider every centimeter of the area. But, what is the most important when choosing the flowers?

  • View. Generally, the whole idea of a flowerbed is to satisfy the aesthetic taste of the owner. Thus, an attractive look, pleasant odour and simple care are the key preferences of each house owner. Proper care, fertilization, and related issues may be required for quality growth and blossom of some flowers. So, before you choose flowers for your garden, first, consider their overall view and make sure you are ready to take proper care of them;
  • Required climate. There are flowers that grow better in warm, hot, wet or dry weather. Consider your location and opt for the flowers that will be properly growing in your region. Otherwise, your flowerbed will not be that attractive, or you will have to take much effort to transform it;
  • Price. This is an essential point, especially when it comes to bouquets. No doubt, you need to select the one to your liking, but the money question becomes exceptionally important at this point. Specify your budget to get the most out of the available sum. A professional florist can make the most beautiful bouquet even from ordinary flowers. As for flowerbeds, the situation is around the same. The better, the more expensive. However, cheaper flowers can also look impressive, if maintained in a correct way.

Top 7 Most Popular Choices

With due consideration of the above-mentioned criteria, you can proceed to the very stage of selecting flowers. Even though the modern market offers an indefinite choice, you need to be decisive and opt for the best flowers. The most appreciated and purchased summer flowers are the following:

  1. Gloriosa Daisy. Also known as Black Eyed Susans, these flowers are appreciated for the brown centres and golden petals. They feature an exceptionally common bloom spotted in a range of settings every summer. These flowers are classified as a hardy plant that is characterized by simple care and quick growth. Sunlight is important for this type of flowers. Certain types of Gloriosa daisy are perennials.
  2. Zinnia. The flower is available in the most different and ultimately sophisticated colours, starting from purple, orange, white and red up to yellow and others. It is a perfect, so-called universal plant that serves as a beautiful solution for any gardener. The flowers will last one season, but they can grow well in gardens or window boxes. Zinnias are appreciated not only in gardens but as cut flowers, too.
  3. Peony. These magnificent summer flowers will attract the attention of each visitor and guest. Delicate, big flowers, available in the most various shades of pink will contribute to the overall view of your garden. Belonging to perennials, peonies grow better in a well-drained area with much sunlight. The flower can serve a beautiful garden flower, as well as an awesome part of your bouquet.
  4. Shasta daisy. Yellow centre and delicate white petals are exceptionally attractive when surrounded by other flowers. The plant can grow up to three feet tall with minimal care and other conditions required. Sunlight and watering are required for perennial flowers that are classic and exotic at the same time.
  5. Sunflower. Tall stems, bright yellow petals, black centres are the main specifications of these flowers. The head of a sunflower can move throughout the day, searching for the sunlight. An overwhelming majority of such flowers are annual, which requires every-year planting.
  6. Dahlia. A wide diversity of saturated colours of the flower brings much joy and pleasure to its owners. The routes of the plant are tubers, which means the plant can expand and produce more flowers. It is easy to grow and take care of, so it may be a perfect choice for those, who don’t have time, money, and desire to maintain the garden.
  7. Bougainvillaea. Being one of the most eye-catching summer flowers, it grows as a bush, vine or tree, blooming in spring or summer. Much space and sunlight are required for its proper growth.

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